History Deltatools Vertriebs GmbH

Deltatools Vertriebs GmbH was founded in 1990 by Horst Schuster and did start with the sale of technical products for machine tools. In 1995 the second generation, Frank Schuster entered in the company. With the now doubled sales activities, existing contacts got more intense and new once could be won. In 2000 we moved into a new office in Langenfeld, Industriestr. 68.

The building belongs to Dugar + Schuster, which is performing the service and spare part supply for us. In the following years we turned more into the sale of CNC V-lathes PROCAST made, which we sold with good results to wellknown companies. Mr. Castignoli of PROCAST company joined in 2007 a by us wellknown company, so we could continue the sale of the product with good results.

Mr. Castignoli left in 2011 the company, he sold the PROCAST design and did restart with its own design under the name CASTEK. He is building V-lathes in top level quality with most modern technological items, in state of the art. We are presenting CASTEK in central and northern Europa since beginning 2015 with good response.